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Series and Novels

Stories Conquistador
POV Characters Dimitri BatyushkovTom ChristiansenGiovanni CollettaDaniel MatteiAdrienne RolfeJohn Rolfe VIJim SimmonsRoy TullyLord Seven Flower
Other Characters Salvatore CollettaSergei LermontovSandra MargolinSarah PerkinsCharles RolfeHenry VillersHenry Yasujiru
Groups Department of Fish and GameFederal Bureau of InvestigationSettlersThirty Families
Locations CaliforniaCommonwealth of New VirginiaOaklandRolfeston
Objects California CondorGateNew Gate
Stories Marching Through GeorgiaUnder the YokeThe Stone DogsDrakonDrakas!
POV Characters Valentina Fedorova BudenninGeorge Armstrong CusterWilliam DreiserManuel GuzmanFelix HothGwendolyn IngolfssonJohanna IngolfssonYolande IngolfssonMarie KaineFrederick KustaaSofie NixonChantal LefargeFrederick Kustaa LefargeMarya Sokolowska LefargeAnna von ShrakenbergEric von ShrakenbergKarl von ShrakenbergTanya von ShrakenbergMarya SokolowskaMcWhirter
Groups DrakaWaffen-SSRussian Partisans
Locations GeorgiaOakenwaldVillage One
Lords of Creation
Stories The Sky PeopleIn the Courts of the Crimson Kings
POV Characters Franziskus BinkisJadviga BinkisChristopher BlairCynthia Whitlock BlairSamuel FeldmanTimrud Sa-RogolJim TylerMarc VitracTeesa VitracNotaj sa-SojVowin sa-SojSajir sa-TomondHeltaw sa-VeynauTimrud Sa-RogolJeremy WainmanSally YamashitaLin Yu-PeiTeyud za-ZhaltJelzhau Zhau-Nor
Groups United StatesSoviet UnionEastBloc
Locations JamestownCloud MountainDvor Il-AdazarKennedy BaseRema-DzaZar-tu-Kan
Stories Island in the Sea of TimeAgainst the Tide of YearsOn the Oceans of Eternity • "Riding Shotgun to Armageddon" • "Blood Wolf"
POV Characters Lucy Alston-KurleloMarian Alston-KurleloIan ArnsteinDjehutyJared CofflinMartha CofflinSwindapa Kurlelo-AlstonWilliam WalkerKreuha Wolkwos
Other Characters Eric IraiinissonGeorge McAndrewsRamses
Groups Brigade of SethRangersRepublic of Nantucket
Locations CanaanNantucket Island
Stories "Shikari in Galveston" • The Peshawar Lancers
POV Characters Richard AllenbyBlack priestAydwah sunna ChorgeVladimir IgnatieffRobre sunna JowanAedelia KingAthelstane KingCassandra KingEric KingYasmini KingIbrahim KhanSonjah dawtra PehteSita Saxe-Coburg-GothaNarayan SinghRanjit SinghHenri de Vascogne
Other Characters BanerjiiHasamurtiJane Saxe-Coburg-GothaJohn II Saxe-Coburg-GothaCharles III Saxe-Coburg-GothaManfred Warburton
Groups Dai-NipponFrance-outre-merRajSeven TribesRussian Empire
Locations DannulsfordDelhiGalvestonRexin
Stories A Taint in the Blood • The Council of Shadows • Shadows of Falling Night • "Pain and Suffering"
POV Characters Peter Boase • Adrian Brézé • Adrienne Brézé • Ellen Tarnowski Brézé • Eusabia Cortines • Anjali Guha • Harvey Ledbetter • Eric Salvador • Dale Shadowblade • Dmitri Pavlovitch Usov
Other Characters Jessica Bertsch • Todd Bertsch • Arnaud Brézé • Étienne-Maurice Brézé • Jules Brézé • Julianne Brézé • Leila Brézé • Leon Brézé • Seraphine Brézé • David Cheung • Joshua Darton • Monica Darton • Sophia Darton • Giselle Demarcio • Fiona Duggan • Duquesne • Jack Farmer • Wayne Jackson • Jamal • Kai • Noémi Lasalle • Mark • Cesar Martinez • Mthunzi • Paco • Sheila Polson • Renata • Hans Schenk • Tōkairin Hajime • Tōkairin Michiko • Jose Villegas • Theresa Villegas
Groups Brotherhood • Council of Shadows • lucies • renfields • Santa Fe Police • Shadowspawn
Locations Amalfi, Italy • Dalarna, Sweden • Paris, France • Paso Robles, California • San Francisco, California • Santa Fe, New Mexico • Tbilisi, Georgia • Veracruz, Mexico
Stories T2: InfiltratorT2: Rising StormT2: The Future War

Other Works

The Charge of Lee's Brigade
Stories "The Charge of Lee's Brigade"
POV Characters Robert E. LeeJ.E.B. Stuart
Other Characters Colin Campbell
Groups 1st North American Light Cavalry Brigade
Locations Crimea
Ice, Iron and Gold
Stories "Riding Shotgun to Armageddon" • "Three Walls-32nd Campaign" • "Cops and Robbers" • "Roachstompers" • "Constant Never" • "Taking Freedom" • "Lost Legion" • "Ancestral Voices" • "The Sixth Sun" • "The Apotheosis of Martin Padway" • "Compadres" • "The Charge of Lee's Brigade" • "Something for Yew" • "The Mage, the Maiden, and the Hag"
POV Characters DjehutyTharasamund HrothegissonMaximus Liu-Pend
Other Characters Mek-andrusRamses
Groups Brigade of SethNantucket Allied Forces
Locations Canaan
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13 Treasures • Bourne • Gabriel Allon • I Am Number Four • James Bond • Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard • Percy Jackson • The Kane Chronicles

Children's Books

Amelia's Notebooks • Amulet • Anne of Green Gables • Boxcar Children • Children's Books • Children of the Lamp • Daphne's Diary • Dear America • Dr. Seuss • Guardians of Ga'Hoole • Hardy Boys • Harry Potter • Little House on the Prairie • Lemony Snicket • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children • Septimus Heap • The Magic Tree House • The Underland Chronicles • Warhorse • Warriors Cats • Wings of Fire


666 Park Avenue • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter • Artemis Fowl • Ashtown Burials • Bartimaeus Trilogy • Blue Bloods • Brilliance Saga • Celestra • Cirque Du Freak • Codex Alera • Dark Hunters • Defy • Den of Shadows • Diana Wynne Jones • Discworld • Eon: Dragoneye Reborn • Fae Trilogy • Firelight • Graceling • Heir Chronicles • House of Night • His Dark Materials • I Am Legend • Ice and Fire • Inheritance • Inkheart Trilogy • Iron Fey • Kingkiller Chronicles • Lord of the Rings • Night World • Otherworld • Pendragon • Pern • Redwall • Seraphina • Seven Realms • Shadow Falls • Shannara • Sisters Grimm • Southern Vampire Mysteries • Splintered • Tamora Pierce • Ted Dekker • The Caster Chronicles • The Dark Tower • The Hollows • The Iron Druid Chronicles • The Immortal Rules • The Immortals Series • The Magicians • The Portal Trilogy • The Queen's Thief • The Raven Boys • The Secret Circle • The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel • The Society On Da Run/Tarnished: Broken Dragons • The Soulkeepers • The Spiderwick Chronicles • The Stormlight Archive • The Forbidden Game • The Young Elites • Throne of Glass • Trylle Trilogy • Tiger's Curse • Unholy • Urban Fantasy • Vampire Academy • The Vampire Diaries • Violet Eden Chapters • Wheel of Time • Xanth


39 Clues  • Goosebumps • Grave Sight • Horns • In Death • Mortdecai • Roman Mysteries • Pretty Little Liars • Sherlock Holmes • Stephen King

Science Fiction

Dune • Emberverse • Ender's Game • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy • Incarceron • Kris Longknife • Michael Vey Series • Neuromancer • The Expanse • The Host • The Mortality Doctrine • Red Rising • The Returned • Unwind • Zodiac

Young Adult Fiction

A Walk to Remember • Alex Rider  • Arcana Chronicles • Beautiful Disaster • Daughter of Smoke and Bone • Delirium Trilogy • Divergent • Emily of New Moon • Fallen • Forest of Hands and Teeth • Gail Carriger Books  • Gallagher Girls • Gone • Guards of the Shadowlands • Hush, Hush • Legend • Little Women • L. J. Smith • Mara Dyer • Matched • Meg Cabot • Monster Blood Tattoo • Monument 14 • Rain of the Ghosts • Red Queen • Ship Breaker • The 5th Wave • The Book Thief • The Bone Season • The Fault in Our Stars • The Hunger Games • The Lone City • The Lunar Chronicles • The Maze Runner • Paper Gods • The Mediator • The Queen of the Tearling • The Lying Game • The Scorpio Races • The Selection • The Shadowhunter Chronicles • Teardrop • Twilight • Uglies • We Were Liars • Wicked Lovely


Destroyermen • Endgame • Eric Flint • Fever/Highlander • Fifty Shades of Grey • Harry Turtledove • Jane Austen • The Kills • Literature • Millenium Trilogy • Outlander • Phillip K. Dick • Patricia Finney • Sex and the City • S. M. Stirling • Sharpe • Soulfire • Takashi Matsuoka • The Last Kingdom • Trudi Canavan • Wolves of Mercy Falls

The Author

I'm a writer by trade, born in France but Canadian by origin and American by naturalization, living in New Mexico at present. My hobbies are mostly related to the craft—I love history, anthropology and archaeology, and am interested in the sciences. The martial arts are my main physical hobby. (Source: S. M. Stirling's web page)

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